Anevay Stories: Amazing Spaces


"We found a stove, a wood burning, gorgeous looking, innovative, tiny little stove..."

Becca, Part-Owner of Priscilla the Silver Streak

The most heart-warming element of being involved in a very small way in George Clarke's Amazing Spaces programme, was getting to meet Becca and Damien from Nostalgia in Reverse. Becca first got in touch over 7 months ago, and it's been a huge challenge to keep schtum until now, about the precious journey we embarked on with this lovely family...

Channel 4: George Clarke's Amazing Spaces - Anevay Stove installation

Becca and Damien Photo Credit: Channel 4: George Clarke's Amazing Spaces


Becca and Damien's impressive Silver Streak, fondly named 'Priscilla', captures the very essence of this kind-hearted couple. The Silver Streak is similar to an Airstream, but is far rarer - in fact, theirs is the very first of its kind in the UK! After going down to see the trailer, falling in love with their baby Mars, and growing extremely excited about what they were doing, we felt honoured to be asked to be a part of it. The Diablo's were based in Cornwall at the time, and were remodelling Priscilla as their tiny home, with an earnest desire to source her contents from within the county. They had been pointed in our direction by a local stove shop and fell in love with our small space stoves that they had browsed online. The couple (and Mars!) came down to our workshop for a second meeting, to have a look at where the magic happens.

Here, the guys talked all things technical - measurements, stove location, flue length, flashings, etc etc and we were able to show them the different stages of a stove coming together. It was then decided. The Traveller Stove (with wings!) would be joining the trailer and keeping the family warm.

Traveller Stove installation George Clark's Amazing Spaces

We chose a sweltering summer's day a few weeks later, to head over to the Silver Streak to start the process of installing the Traveller, kids and all (what were we thinking?!) and had the most amount of fun, getting to know the family - including Priscilla, of course. Damien just so happens to be an incredible barber, and worked his scissor skill on the long locks that were flapping around...

Traveller Stove installation George Clark's Amazing Spaces

We decided to make a model before putting the stove in this unique trailer - this ensured the measurements were spot on and it allowed us to play around a bit back at our workshop, getting the chance to make their setup extra special. All in all, it was a styling day and we could see the whole project coming together!

Damien and Becca got on with getting the trailer prepared and ready, and we did the same with the stove. A few weeks later it was installation time and how awesome to see the progress that had been made - look at their fabulous floor!! The Traveller went in like a dream and our insulated flue kit completed the setup.

Becca and Damien chose to have their stove located so that they could enjoy the warmth from it whilst in their banquette seating area, as well as being able to boil a kettle on it whilst being in the kitchen.

One of the momentous parts of installing one of our stoves is the first burn. As the flames begin to grow and dance behind the glass of the stove, a real sense of accomplishment and appreciation of the beauty of fire can be felt. There was a fair bit of flame-staring that took place that day. And that was that.

But we are very grateful that it did not stop there. These people have become more than simply our customers - they are now lifelong friends and we cherish their encouragement, excitement and pure joy in using their stove in their everyday lives. Becca has since said that they would have been frozen were it not for the stove this winter - having reached minus 4 degrees in their surroundings, they are thankful for the warmth and cosiness that their Traveller brings.

Becca mentioned on their blog, "It’s been so nice to connect, and we know that everything we have purchased to put into Priscilla comes from good people." ... we feel the same but conversely - we are grateful that the care and effort that we put into our products is recognised and celebrated, as the Diablo's very clearly value and look after their dear stove.

Well done you guys! We can't wait to watch the full episode all about your journey on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces on Channel 4, this Sunday 13th January at 8pm!

Traveller Stove installation George Clark's Amazing Spaces

I think it's clear that we absolutely love being a part of our customer's stove stories and hearing about where our stoves end up. Please get in touch with us and share your projects and journeys - we love hearing the good, the bad, and the ugly, and will try to help wherever we can! Find out more about the Traveller Stove.