How To: Choose The Correct Stove for My Space?

Anevay Wood Burning Stoves - in production at the Cornwall warehouse.

This is a question we get asked a lot. And it's kind of why we exist. With the increase in popularity of tiny homes, garden offices and van living, we realised there was a need for a tiny woodburner that would adequately heat little spaces without overwhelming them. Cue, our small space stoves, which were designed a number of years ago now, but have heated many a place across the globe, over the years.

To work out which stove you need, we use quite a simple calculation.

The calculation is based on the premise as follows:

"You need 1kW of heat, for every 14 cubic meters, to raise the temperature 20 degrees above ambient in a reasonably insulated space."

Simply put, take the length, breadth and height of your space (all in meters), multiply them by each other and divide by 14. This will give you the heat output needed for a reasonably insulated space.

Use our Heat Output Calculator to help you decide we've put together a super simple calculator, to make this calculation easier for you. 

Stoves By Nominal Heat Output

We've put a list below, so you can easily see the stoves by the "named" (nominal) heat output from when they were tested:

Shepherd Stove  1.7 kW
Traveller Stove  3.9 kW
Fintan Stove  3.6 kW
 Tana Stove  4.8 kW

But What Happens If I'm In The Middle?

If you find that the heat output that you need actually falls on the cusp between a lower output needed, and a slightly higher one, we'd always recommend you go for the more powerful stove. It would be frustrating for you to have to 'work a stove very hard', so to speak, as opposed to just running it consistently.

We Are Always Here To Help

We're always happy to take a look at your pictures and help you workout the best stove and flue design for your setup. Remember, we usually only go straight up with the chimney flue, as exiting at an angle presents complications and cost, with nooks and crannies for gases to collect. We can usually look at your space and advise the best solution for you!

Pop us a line at for any questions you may have!