Which Stove?

Whether you need a quick-cooking portable rocket stove you can throw in the back of the car, or a sturdy multi-fuel number to keep your shepherd's hut toasty, we've got you covered. To help you choose the best Anevay offering for your adventures, read on.

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The Frontier is a portable woodburning stove that can be installed in tents and tipis, or used outside for toasty efficient outdoor cooking and heating. A cult favourite with bushcrafters, glampers, family campers, preppers, fishing enthusiasts and adventurous outdoor chefs, the Frontier is super-portable, compact and quick to assemble

Best for: weekend camping trips and al fresco evenings on the patio. Heading off for a longer trip or want something with more air control? Check out the Frontier Plus.

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The Horizon Stove is the perfect companion for a quick trip down to the beach or into the woods. An eco-friendly alternative to a BBQ fueled by twigs and kindling, it'll boil water or cook an outdoor meal in a matter of minutes. Light the Horizon and your cup of tea will be ready before your tent is pitched. 

Best for: impromtpu dinners on the beach, back garden cooking or that first cup of coffee when you unzip your tent in the morning.

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The Shepherd Stove was designed for tiny spaces: converted campervans, shepherd's huts and tiny homes. It is CE-approved and tested to perform with 89% efficiency, which is unheard of! We realised that there was a need for a small stove with a low heat output (just 1.8kW) for spaces that don't need a lot of heat, but still need to keep cosy and dry. Standing at just 36cm tall, the Shepherd is compact and super-efficient, and like all our stoves, designed for cooking as well as heating.

Best for: tiny spaces like campervans, shepherd's huts, tiny homes, or glamping pods.

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The Traveller Stove is a portable, CE-approved woodburning stove that can be installed in yurts, tents, sheds, tipis and tiny houses. Sturdier than the Frontier Plus, the Traveller is great for longer camping trips and small spaces. Its compact size does double duty as you can cook on the stovetop and extended warming plates while you watch the flames flicker.

Best for: bell tents, campervans, ski cabins, tiny houses and other small spaces where you need efficient cooking and heating.

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The Fintan Stove is similar to our Traveller Stove, but it's multi-fuel, and is CE-approved, which means you can install it in your home. The Fintan is incredibly efficient, rated at 80.6% efficiency. It’s been engineered with a secondary and tertiary air control to allow you full control over the airflow and draw on the stove.

Best for: permanent or semi-permanent installations, fitting in your home or somewhere you spend a lot of time. Perfect for glamping accommodation, as it's our highest-tested and easiest to use stove, giving you peace of mind.

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Our CE-approved Tana Stove is a 5kW woodburning stove designed for large spaces: large tipis, safari tents, and barns. It's got a huge glass door for maximum fire-watching impact, with the same airwash technology that keeps the glass clean in all of our stoves. There's room for two to three pans on top, and it has a split lid so you can cook directly over the flames on one or both sides. Available with a short or tall base, both options have space underneath to store logs.

Best for: big spaces that need a lot of heat. Large uninsulated tipis, yurts or tents, barns or any room in your home.

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