How It Started


We got started designing portable stoves for the humanitarian aid world and disaster relief. The brief? 50% of the world's population still cooks on open fires, and deaths from respiratory disease due to open fires and dirty fuel outstrip malaria and AIDS combined. We designed the Frontier Stove to combat these problems: the closed firebox means more efficient use of fuel, crucial where wood is scarce, and the long flue transports fumes away from the cooking area.  Tested to the limits in a variety of disaster situations, the stoves were essentially life-saving devices for the people receiving them.


Word of the Frontier Stove got out, and so, overwhelmed by public demand, we set up online. Orders came flooding in from across the globe and we realised we were on to something. The Frontier developed a bit of a cult following among outdoor folks, and we began connecting with an amazing community of al fresco chefs, campers, van-dwellers, glampers and other adventurers. We set about adding to our range of sustainable, efficient portable wood burning stoves and Anevay was born.


We spend a lot of time outdoors, and with our roots in designing products that just work in tough environments, it's important to us that every single product in our range is tested again and again, in rain, wind, snow, freezing conditions and sunny weather. 

In 2015, we started bringing the outdoors indoors, with the launch of our Fintan Stove. CE approved and DEFRA exempt, the Fintan was the first of our stoves designed for the home: living room, yurt, garden shed or glampsite accommodation.


Still all about outdoor (and indoor) cooking and heating, our mission is to encourage people to spend time outdoors, enjoying nature, relaxing around the fire, and cooking delicious food. We want to do this in the most sustainable way possible, so we plant a tree for every stove we sell - and every stove we've ever supplied to charity - and do our best to be the kind of company that makes the world a better place.