Anevay Horizon Rocket Stove
Horizon Rocket Stove and NEW Carry Bag
Anevay Horizon Rocket Stove
Horizon Rocket Stove and NEW Carry Bag

Horizon Rocket Stove™ and Carry Bag

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A great value bundle with the Horizon stove and sturdy carry bag.

The Horizon Stove is a portable eco-friendly rocket stove, ready to cook on in seconds. 

It’s smokeless once lit and uses gasifying technology to give a complete burn, meaning super-low carbon emissions and a very efficient stove that runs on just a handful of fuel.

The sturdy design means the Horizon can support very large pots and pans, so you can cook for large groups of people: perfect for camping, backyard cookouts and a great alternative to a BBQ.

The Horizon will boil a pan of water using only a few pieces of kindling or driftwood. This means no gas canisters or disposable BBQs going to landfill, and you can forage for fuel wherever you are, whether it’s the woods, the mountains, the beach or your back garden.

  • Ready to cook on right away
  • Sturdy enough to cook for a big group
  • Smokeless once lit
  • Runs on just a handful of fuel: sticks, twigs, driftwood or kindling
  • Lightweight and robust at just 1.8kg
  • Protective cage never heats up, so you can pick it up even while lit

The Horizon is made for adventure and built to last: no moving parts mean it's the toughest thing around for cooking.

Get our lightweight Horizon Rocket Stove and carry bag together for everything you need for outdoor cooking. Our Horizon Stove carry bag features thick, high-quality padded polyester with a zip right the way around allowing you to easily pack away your Horizon Stove. Also includes:

  • Detachable, adjustable strap
  • Two carrying handles
  • High-quality zip closure
  • Reinforced material
Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 27 x 27 x 25 cm

270mm x 245mm (H x W)

Fuel type

Wood, Sticks, Kindling, Driftwood, Eco logs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Chase Rambo

Funny you plant a tree for every product you sell. The amount of wood your average stove would use if used regularly over a lifetime would far exceed that one tree. Who cares about the carbon thing when the weather is being modified. Lookup and see all the manmade clouds from chemtrails in the sky of "planet" Hollywood. Get over yourselves and every moronic person on earth that thinks they are saving the planet by consuming more. How much carbon is used to build your factory, operate it daily, electricity etc. Fossil fuels used for people to drive to work etc. The list goes on and on. The Bible says things will/can be changed in a twinkling of the eye. If there's a supreme being(s) that created this realm don't you think it was accounted for the destruction people pose. Eat drink and be merry while asleep in the matrix.🤓

Pete reilly

Excellent little stove have 2 now love them

Mr E
Saw one whilst camping and was intrigued...

Striking little pit. Simple setup, easy to feed and keep lit. This is going to be amazing for our future camp trips and makes me want a premium stove for the patio very soon!

Joined the gang

A few of my friends have this stove & I bought one as a gift for my sister recently; she loved it so much she won't lend it to me so I had to buy my own!
So easy to light & fuel efficient, ideal for beach cooking & casual camping. Top quality and great quick delivery too.
It lives in our van now so we're always ready for a fire.

Great stove

I really love my new rocket stove, it’s so light and easy to use, and when you’ve finished you just tip the little bit of ash out safely and it slips straight back in the bag. Totally love it.