How To: Install a Stove in a Shed

**This guide is for the Frontier Plus but can also be used for our Traveller and Fintan stoves (see below..)**

The Frontier Plus can be installed in a huge range of hard roofed structures like verandas, attached gazebos and conservatories. Check out our installation guide! Lets start with the items you will need..
  • Frontier Plus Stove: Your stove will come with 5 flue sections and the spark arrestor included. This gives a height of 278cm high with the legs extended but we do have extra flue pieces if you need to add to that.
  • 1 meter Insulated flue section: The insulated piece will connect to the first piece of single skin flue with the single walled to Insulated Adaptor.
  • Insulated Shed Flashing Kit: The flashing kit comes with the silicone sealant, instructions and self drilling screws included.
  • Insulated cowl: This attaches with clips to the top of your insulated flue piece to protect from the elements.
  • Heat Shield: We recommend a distance of 650mm from the stove to the wall so this is a crucial item for small spaces. It also radiates the heat, making the stoves more efficient..
Why do I need insulated flue? This is one of our most commonly asked questions but is very important to know. There are huge benefits to using an insulated flue section:
  • The Stainless steel outer casing means no rust can occur on the exposed section sticking out of your structure.
  • The insulated flue increases the draw of your fire resulting in a stronger, more efficient and easier to control flame.
  • The inside temperature of the flue remains constant and higher due to the insulation not being chilled by the air on the outside section.
  • The is also no risk of any fire damage to your roofing or nearby combustibles due to the lower outside temperature of the flue.
Installing an Anevay Traveller stove into a shed
Step 1: So first you need to make sure the roof material is suitable for your flashing kit and flue to fit into. You will need to make a hole in the roof surface for the flue to go through so a wood or metal roof would be ideal, but plastic or glass would not. If you are unsure you can give us a call at our office and we can help you out. Figure out in where you would like to put your stove in the room. If you have it in a corner with a corner section of heat shield behind, this will radiate the heat into the room and make the most of the Frontier Plus' 3.5kw heat output.
Step 2: Once you've sorted out where your stove will be, its time to begin the installation. Start by unpacking your stove and unfolding the legs and pining them in place. The piece of flue with the damper inside will be the first to fit into the top of the stove. This next part will depend on the height of your room. The insulated flue sections will need to be the parts that exit through the flashing kit in your roof so you may only need the damper piece underneath or you may need a few more uninsulated pieces. Manouver the stove to stand under the section of roof you will make the hole in.
Frontier Plus woodburning stove shed installation
Step 3: Unpack your flashing kit and have a look at your fixing kit. In the box you will have instructions, silicone sealant and bolts to drill it in place on the top of your roof. You need to make the hole in your roof first so, following the instructions, mark the hole with a pen on the inside diameter of the flashing kit. Be careful about making this accurate. If too large, the silicone will not have enough room to fit to the roof securely, and if too small, the flue will not fit out or wont have enough of an air gap to cool the flue. If you have are any doubts, do call us and we can talk you through it.

Anevay Traveller stove - installation in a shed

Step 4: Using a jigsaw or a grinder (depending on your roof material) cut the hole carefully following your pen marks. Once this part is over you are now ready to fit your flues! Like we said in step 2, you may need more uninsulated flue pieces to go on or you may want to go straight to insulated flue. If the latter, then it is time to fit the adaptor in place. The adaptor slots in neatly to the uninsulated flue. Make sure you push it in hard so you have a gas tight fit to seal the pipe. One insulated flue piece will now fit into the top of the adaptor with the ring clip to attach it tightly. Take care of your fingers as it snaps shut very tightly to make a complete seal.

Woodburning stove shed installation

Step 5: On the left you can see the attachment of the adaptor as it connects the two flue pieces. You can also see the corner section of heat shield that will be necessary if you are going to put the stove this close to the wall. The insulated piece will now head up out of the hole you have made so its time to come outside onto the roof to fit the flashing kit!

Step 6: Once on the roof, squeeze the silicone sealant around the roof where the flashing kit will fit in place and push the flashing down the pipe, as seen in the photo on the right. Push the edges of the flashing kit down firmly so it seals, and drill in the screws. Squeeze a line of more sealant over the bolts to make sure the roof is completely sealed from the elements.

Step 7: The stainless steel cowl will now clip easily onto the top of the insulated flue with the attached ring clip. Again, watch your fingers in the snap! Congratualtions you are finished with your Frontier Plus! Time to fire up your stove with our Eco Fuel and have a well earned cup of tea with our UK made Netherton kettle!

**Note: If you are installing a Traveller Stove you will follow the same instuctions as the Frontier Plus. With a Fintan Stove you will need to decide if you will be using 4 or 5 inch flue sections. If you need the installation to pass building regualtions, if you are installing the stove in your house for example, you will need to use 5 inch flue. If you are installing in your shed you will need a 4 inch flue. If you have any questions about your requirements then gives us a call at the office for some advice. If you are having a 4 inch flue you will need one of our adaptors. This flue opening at the top of the Fintan Stove is wider that the 4 inch flue diameter so without this adaptor you will not be able to use the stove. After the adaptor if fitted, follow the instructions as above.

Have fun!