Anatomy Of An Anevay Stove

We build stoves to last. 

Our main goal as a business is to build a beautiful, functional product that our customers love and cherish. A product that will stand the test of time and weather whatever adventures you throw at it. 

That's why we've spent years perfecting our designs: researching, developing and manufacturing unique systems and solutions for our stoves. We only use the very best materials available for the job and ensure we stay abreast of changes in legislation, process and production.

All of this adds up to quality, safety-tested products that we can be proud of. 

Want to know more? 

Cold Rolled Steel

All our stoves are made from cold rolled steel, which is durable, diffuses heat evenly and radiates excellently, therefore they're warmer, more fuel efficent, easily portable and durable.

Direct Flame Technology

All our stoves are designed to cook on - a unique feature which means they all have a lid that you can lift up and put a pan or kettle on

Ergonomic Design

The design of our stoves follows the flow of fire, mimicking the natural shape of fire/flames.

Air Wash Glass

A unique mechanism specifically designed for our stoves, which keeps the glass clean.

Eco Burn

Anevay Stoves are 10 times more efficient than an open fire, whilst our fuel is clean and efficient, using a waste product that burns longer and cleaner.

Unlike fire pits - which just send most the warmth up - our portable 'carry' stoves radiate the warmth out via the belly of the stove and the flue. Keeping you warmer for longer using less fuel. 

Small Is Beautiful

Our small space stove range has been specifically designed for small cabins, tents, campers, sheds and tiny homes. We've spent a lot of time creating the perfect sizes, designs, weights and heat output to ensure they're perfect for the job. 

All our small space stoves are also CE approved, which indicates conformity with health, safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. This means all of our small space range can be installed to Document J building regulations. Please see individual stoves technical specifications for more details. 

Leave No Trace

Our portable 'carry' stoves allow you to tread lightly when adventuring outdoors. They're raised off the floor, offering a controlled and contained burn so leave no scorched earth. As such most campsites are happy to accomodate them.

A Radical New Way To BBQ

A lot of great things are invented by accident. Our stoves were originally designed to be cooked on using a pot or pan on top. But we (and numerous others) have discovered that our direct flame technology design also works really well as a BBQ.

The tall flues on our Frontier Stoves have been designed to carry smoke away from the heating and cooking area, with sections that specifically pack down and fit into the body of the stoves.

Manufactured In The UK

Anevay Stoves are made in our workshop in Cornwall. Each one is touch checked and cared for before it leaves the warehouse.