Planting Trees

Did you know that when you buy a stove, we plant a tree?

We love trees. We love spending time outdoors among them and we love what they do for the planet. Wood is a great fuel, carbon lean and sustainable, and used responsibly it's a great source of planet-friendly fuel. 

When you burn wood, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. When trees grow, they lock up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is what makes wood sustainable and a fuel that's good for the planet: so long as this cycle is sustainably managed, it can go on providing fuel indefinitely. Things like fuel used in transporting wood around the country can upset this balance, and this is why wood is often referred to as carbon lean rather than carbon neutral. 

The stoves we make allow us - and you - to spend more time outdoors, and we think that's amazing. But we know that using our stoves mean you have to burn wood, and even though we think it's the best fuel around, we wanted to balance that out with something good. So we decided to do something about it: we started working with an organisation called the International Tree Foundation, who've been planting trees and making a difference for 92 years. The trees they plant work hard; they help to build buffers along rivers to prevent erosion, they feed local communities, provide dye for textiles that support local industry, and they provide work for young people in the area who need it. 

That's why we love trees: they make the world a better place. Just like our food, a relationship with them is important: we think a relationship with them is important. From planting them, to watching them grow, spending time among them, to using the sustainable fuel they provide and planting more, a close connection to trees is good for you, and good for the world too. 

We pledged to plant a tree for every stove we sell, every stove we've ever sold, and every stove we've donated or sent out as aid. So if you already own an Anevay stove, or you're planning on it, know that you are doing the planet some good, supporting a sustainable fuel and a company that cares about trees and the impact we have on the world.