How To: Choose the Correct Tipi Sleeve

Now the summer is finally here, a lot of our customers at Anevay have been sharing their tipi tent camping advenutures with us. The mighty tipi tent seems to be one of the most popular choices when people choose a tent for many reasons. We think one of the best things about them is that there's plenty of space to sit with the family around your Anevay Stove!

Anevay woodburning stove set up outside a tipi

This has inspired us to remind you of an essential piece of kit you will need when installing your Tipi tent: The Tipi Sleeve!

Why do I need a Tipi Sleeve?

If you have a tipi tent (like a Tentipi Safir 9, Zirkon, Robens Kiowa or Klondike tent) with a pre-fitted hole in the roof you will need a special sleeve to fit onto the top of your flue to protect the canvas tent exit hole. A lot of people prefer this pre-cut option as cutting a hole in your tent yourself can be a daunting prospect (although it's much easier than it looks)

*By pre cut hole we mean an opening in the top to allow the flue to protrude out of the tent roof*

This blog will show you why a Tipi Sleeve is needed and guide you as to which one you will need for your stove. We have a few different types here at Anevay, depending on the stove you have, and it's important you choose the right one.

  1. So let's start with the Frontier Stove. This stove will need the Frontier Tipi kit, shown here below. Its simply slots onto the top of the Frontier flue sections and pushes through the exit in the top of the tent. The outer blades hold the canvas away from the hot flue to protect the material. Then to finish, a spark arrestor will fit on the top of the tipi sleeve. The Frontier Stove comes with 5 included flue sections and the total height of these flues and the stove together is 2.41m. For some taller Tipi tents you may need some extra height so you will need to purchase some extra Frontier flue sections. Give us a call at the office if you have any doubts.

2. The next Tipi sleeve we have is for our Frontier Plus stove. This is a distinctly different design to the Frontier so be careful not to get them confused as they are not compatible with each other due to the different flue sizes. As you can see below the Frontier Plus sleeve has a cage that slides over the flue. The chains clip onto the spark arrestor that comes included with the Frontier Plus and the cage hangs down over the flue to keep the canvas away from the heat. This cage sections is the part that comes through the canvas roof. You might want an extra flue section to add to the height if you have a tipi tent over 2.7 meters high (this is the total height of the Frontier Plus with all the included flue sections).

3. The Traveller Tipi Sleeve is almost exactly the same as the Frontier Plus. It comes with the same mesh cage sleeve as shown, but the Traveller Tipi sleeve comes with a set of 6 extra flue sections. These flue sections fit into the Traveller and the chains clip onto the spark arrestor at the top. The chain hangs down over the flue sections that go through the tent roof to protect the tent material from the hot flue.

Traveller Tipi Sleeve

So now you know what sleeve you need, its time to make the most of the long sunny evenings and head into the woods with your Tipi tent! Remember: If you dont have a pre cut hole in the roof of your tipi tent, you will need a flashing kit. If you need some advice on which flashing kit is the right one for you, check out our other blog post...