Recipe: Red Thai Risotto

Photo montage of a Red Thai Risotto being cooked on top of an Anevay Frontier Stove and served up in blue bowls on a garden table.

A quick, simple "go with the flow" risotto recipe from our friend @shakapaddleboarding.

Arborio rice
Seasame oil
Jug of chicken/fish stock
Star anise
Splash of fish sauce
Red Thai curry paste.

Topped with pan fried cod chili flakes and a lime wedge.

We'd recommend about 50-75g of rice per person, good glug of oil, as much stock as you need for the rice to cook through - remember, add it slowly and let it absorb before adding any more. Everything else is simply to taste - you'll know what your preferences are for heat and garlic better than us. Plus, practice makes perfect, if it's not quite right on the first cook-up that's a very good excuse to fire up the stove and continue to tinker with the recipe until you've nailed it. Happy stoving!