Recipe: Lightly Smoked Hot Salmon Bagel

Recipe: hot smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels. Cooked on a woodburning stove. Anevay Stoves

You will need:

A BBQ cage
Salmon fillets
Olive oil
Cream cheese
Spring onions
Lemon (Juice and zest)

A great way to use the residual heat from your stove whilst camping is to cook up a fresh but filling breakfast.

Throw a couple of extra logs in the stove upon waking and put your coffee on the top. Once the flames have died down, your coffee has brewed and the heat of the fire is more stable, it’s time to get cooking.

We used a cage to hold our salmon fillet. If you spritz the inside of the cage first with some olive oil it stops the fish from sticking to it. When you position your fish inside the cage you can also put some slices of lemon or herbs to give your salmon a more aromatic flavouring.

Remove the metal disc on the top of the stove cooking platform and place your fish in the cage above the fire.

Slice your bagel and lightly toast both sides on the flat top of the stove.

Keep an eye on your fish and turn it over when it’s needed. It should only need about 5 minutes on each side depending on how hot your fire is.

Spread cream cheese onto your bagel and finely slice some spring onions.

Remove your fish from the heat and flake the salmon onto the cream cheese. Top with the capers, spring onion and zest of a lemon. Squeeze 1/4 lemon over the open bagel and serve. Fresh and delicious. Perfect for a spring morning whilst camping.

Recipe: salmon cooking on a Frontier Stove. Anevay Stoves