Recipe: Kickin Chicken Harissa Wraps

Recipe: Kickin Chicken Harissa Wraps. Anevay Stoves

You will need:

Kebab sticks. Flat ones if you can find them
Chicken fillets
Harissa paste
Pineapple (optional)
Pitta bread
Salad leaves
Greek Yoghurt
Lemon (Juice and zest)
Garlic clove 1/2
Grated cucumber
Hand full of fresh mint chopped

In a coal chimney get some charcoal burning.

If you can, cut your chicken and marinade it in the harissa paste in advance. Preferably a couple of hours. This gives more time for the flavour to develop but also stops you from having to handle raw poultry whilst camping as you can prep it before you leave. Thread the chicken onto the kebab sticks putting a chunk of pineapple in-between each piece of chicken.

Pour your charcoal into stove and remove the metal disk from the top of the stove. Place your kebab sticks over the hole and allow them to cook over the charcoal.

Grate a cucumber into a bowl along with a minced garlic clove, zest of a lemon, pinch of salt, chopped mint and a couple tablespoons of greek yoghurt. Give it a mix and add some lemon juice to suit your taste.

Turn your chicken on the stove until its all cooked. A few minutes before its ready, throw your pita breads on top of the stove to gently warm them.

Fill the bread with your cucumber yoghurt sauce, your salad and then take your chicken and pineapple kebabs and place the chunks on top. Enjoy. Easy food to enjoy with your hands. Perfect for a sundowner at the beach.

Recipe: Kickin Chicken Harissa Wraps. Anevay Stoves