Recipe: Braaibroodjies


Pronounced "brigh-brewer-kees", these little wonders are straight from heaven. So simple. So easy. Cheesy and comforting, try them and they'll soon become a camping staple - particularly if you're in the need for something quick and tasty. Directly translated, they are simply "BBQ sandwiches" but we think they taste best when cooked on one of our portable Frontier™ Stoves.

Here's what you will need to make them:
A BBQ grid - easy to find at your local home/hardware store.
Butter or margarine
White bread (you can use any type of bread - or even make your own!)
Fresh tomatoes
Red or white onion
Grated cheese
Mrs Balls Chutney - a South African specialty, available at most big brand supermarkets.

1. Butter both sides of the bread - this makes them really rich and crunchy when they cook...

2. Put thin slices of onion on each slice, followed by thin slices of tomato. Top with the grated cheese and finally spread thinly with chutney before closing the sandwich lid.

3. Put four sandwiches at a time onto the grid and cook over your Frontier™ or Frontier™ Plus Stove - you may need to hold the grid if the fire is too hot, or wait until it has cooled down a little. We initially had taken the Frontier Plus lid off the stove, but quickly put it back on as the flames were too hot for the sandwiches. We were then able to rest the grid on the body of the stove and allow the sandwiches to sizzle away!

4. When they are brown on both sides, they are ready to eat.