How To: Spring Clean Your Frontier™ Stove

Our Frontier™ Stoves have been built to be durable but it is important to look after them so they can keep performing at their best. With that in mind, here's our little guide to giving your stove a quick bit of TLC.

Regardless of whether your stove has been packed away or assembled and out in the elements all winter, give it a good look over. Take it apart, put it together, whichever way you're approaching it, check all the parts still fit and 'work' i.e. foldable legs, top plate, door, flue. Our stoves are built to last, but we do appreciate that occasionally brute force wins out over reading the instruction manual*.

In need of replacement parts? Check out our Accessories Collection. And if you can't find what you're looking for just drop us a line.

What you'll need: soft cloth, fine grit sandpaper, Touch Up Stove Paint, Flue Brush, Stove Maintenance Oil.

  1. Wipe the stove down with a soft, clean cloth.

  2. If your stove has spent a lot of time outside it may have developed a touch of surface rust. This is no problem. But let's face it - everything looks better after a buff and shine right? Use fine grit sandpaper to knock back any affected areas.

  3. Wipe the stove down again with a soft cloth to remove any resulting dust/residue.

  4. Vintage or new? If you fall into the latter preference you might want to give your stove a bit of a respray to get it back to a lush, even, matt black finish. Use one of our cans of Touch Up Stove Paint. Be sure to mask up and cover any areas that you don't want painted i.e. leg pins, Anevay badge, glass door, handle, hinge. Spray the stove body across in even strokes. Only a very light coat is needed. 

    If you fall into the vintage camp you're probably very proud of the well earned patina on your stove and can just skip this step and have a cuppa tea.

  5. Our Frontier Stoves are 8 times more efficient than an open fire. And one of the secrets to keeping it this way is to ensure the flue is clear flowing. We recommend cleaning the flue out after around every 24 hours of use and we sell a nifty little flue brush that's the ideal size for the job. Give each piece of flue a good brush on the inside and a light spray of Touch Up Paint on the outside.

  6. We also strongly recommend you season your stove a couple of times a year. Use our Rapeseed Stove Maintenance Oil, it really is the best thing for the job - plus it's multi purpose and you can cook with it too! Give the whole stove, plus flue, a good spray and then rub in the oil with a soft cloth. This will essentially 'season' the stove and help it stay rust free. 

  7. Start the new season as you mean to go on, light a fire with well seasoned, sustainable fuel. We sell the best eco logs around, high quality kiln-dried kindling and natural firelighters.

*Having said that, if you think there's a genuine fault/fail on your stove please let us know and we'll do our utmost to sort it.