Stove Maintenance Oil

Stove Maintenance Oil

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We’ve written before about how much we love rapeseed oil, and how great it is in caring for your stove. We believe that if you take care of your kit, it’ll take care of you: we want our stoves to see you through years of adventures, meals cooked over the flames and nights under the canvas, and if you look after your stove, it will.

Cleaning and seasoning your stove a couple of times a year is a good way to keep it rust-free and looking good: do it once before storing it for any long period of time, and once again through the year if it’s been heavily adventured.

Sustainable suppliers

In our efforts to ensure we’re a sustainable company in every way we can be, we like to work with suppliers and partners who share our values, and we love it when we find a company who really embrace sustainability in every aspect of the way they run their business. When looking for a supplier of a good oil we could use to cure our stoves, we were thrilled when we came across Bennet and Dunne, a small company based in Shropshire, England.

Bennet and Dunne pride themselves on being a zero-waste business: they even repurpose the leftover rapeseed husks after they’ve been pressed for oil, which are turned into Rapeseed Cake and sold on to a local farmer as cattle feed. They re-use or recycle all of their packaging, and their crops are grown without chemicals in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. Growing crops in this way, along with the hedgerows, ponds and wildflower fields they maintain across their farm supports wildlife, insects and birds and helps protect the delicate ecosystem of the British countryside.

Their rapeseed oil is cold-pressed to preserve the flavour and quality of the oil, then triple-filtered and hand-bottled on the farm.

Cooking with rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil has the lowest saturated fat content of any cooking oil (and half the fat of olive oil!). It has a light, nutty flavour and is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as being a good source of vitamin E.

Most importantly, it has a very high smoking point (unlike virgin or extra-virgin olive oil, which actually has a very low smoking point and shouldn’t really be cooked with at high temperatures). The smoking or burning point is the point at which the oil starts to break down and release potentially harmful compounds: all oils have different smoking points, and those with lower smoking points are best just for dressings or adding to food after it’s cooked. Rapeseed’s high burning point makes it great for all types of cooking and grilling, especially on a stove when you’re often cooking directly over the flames!

We keep our oil on hand to rub down the stove if it gets covered in cooking oil or fat (grilling right over the flames on your Frontier, anyone?), and being able to use it to cook with as well means one less thing to carry.



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