Installing a Fintan Stove

Last week we finally got around to installing one of our Fintan Stoves in the office at Anevay HQ. Although the weather is gorgeous down here in Cornwall now, it's been really uncharacteristically cold for May and so we were glad to have the cosy woodburner keeping us warm. It's such a lovely ritual in the morning: lighting the woodburner, bringing it up to temperature and putting the kettle on for the coffee.

We keep our stainless steel kettle on top with the hot plate down all through the day, so when we want to make tea we can just lift the lid, stoke the stove up hot and we've got boiling water in minutes.

Was it easy? The whole installation from start to finish didn't take longer than a couple of hours including cutting the hole, assembling the flue through the wall, pushing the flashing kit into place and screwing it to the outside wall , fitting the bracket into place and attaching the cowl. We decided to use a metre of single-skinned flue (the kind we supply as standard with our Traveller and Fintan Stoves) going up from the stove, and then move up to double-skinned, insulated flue to go through the wall and up.

Should you take the flue out through the roof or through the wall? This kind of installation is similar to anything you'd do in a shepherd's hut, tiny house, live-in van or caravan. Nine times out of 10 going straight up with the flue (rather than at an angle through the wall) is the best option: it's the most straightforward, stable and you'll get the best draw. However, sometimes roof material or the construction of your building will mean this isn't possible, so on these occasions you'll need to go out through the wall. If you'd like to install a Traveller or Fintan in your space and you're not sure what you need, just contact us and we can help you work out everything you'll need.

Woodburning stove flue installation into wall

Can I get everything I need from you? Yes! If your installation is simple and non- or semi-permanent (a tent, a yurt, or a caravan or van). If you need to go out sideways or straight up through a combustible wall material, you will need to use insulated flues. Whichever option you decide to go for, we can supply everything you'll need, from the heatproof aluminium wall plates to the screws you'll need to attach them. If you've got any questions about the installation process just feel free to contact us!

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