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Anevay Frontier Stove - portable, outdoor woodburner

What to do on cold dark nights? Some might be inclined to curl up on the sofa in slippers with a cup of cocoa - and that’s just dandy with us. Everyone else? Get outdoors, get creative and fight the winter creep.

There are loads of things we traditionally do inside - particularly in winter - that are far from exclusive to the confines of four walls - cooking, storytelling, celebrating, snuggling up by the fire. And plenty of things that are simply better outdoors - stargazing, setting up camp, baked beans, marshmallows, ghost stories, hide and seek, dreaming of long, hot summer nights...

The essential key to all of this? Being warm, dry and comfortable. And that’s where our brilliantly portable outdoor woodburners come into play - as well as keeping you warm, they’re perfect for cooking and getting the family out of the house.

Anevay’s range of portable stoves is small but perfectly formed - we call them our ‘carry stoves’ because that’s exactly what they’re designed for, whether you’re just heading out into your back garden or going further afield.

Once lit our Frontier Stoves are ready to cook in 3 minutes, the flue directs smoke above head height and the removable top plate makes it easy to grill, stew, simmer and scorch directly on the flames. The stove legs keep the fire well away from the ground, meaning they 'leave no trace', the stove body radiates heat out rather than up, they're incredibly fuel efficient and compact enough to pack-up, pick-up and take just about anywhere.

We’ve also created ingenious flue and flashing kits for teepees, bell tents and yurts, which allows your Anevay Frontier stove to be set up safely under canvas to keep the campers cosy.

The Anevay Horizon stove is a favourite choice for adventurers looking for a super lightweight design. A portable, eco-friendly, rocket stove that’s ready to cook on in seconds and smokeless once lit. Weighing in at 1.8kg it’s small but sturdy and can support very large pots and pans, so you can cater for large family cook-ups as well as solo expeditions.

Our designs have been developed and perfected over the years and the finished products have been put through their paces, both by us and even more so by our customers.

Thousands of you have joined the Anevay Frontier Fire Tribe and shared hundreds of pictures showing how you’ve put your new purchases into practice. And we're always delighted and amazed to see where they end up, whether that be greenhouses, yurts, tipis, bell tents, woodland retreats, beach side celebrations, back garden crafting...

Just take a look below to find some inspiration and start creating your own outdoor escapades.

Anevay Frontier Stove - portable woodburner garden set-up
Anevay portable woodburner - the original Frontier Stove. Garden set-up
Anevay 'carry stove'. Portable woodburner. The original Frontier Stove
Frontier Stove teepee set-up. Anevay Stove. Woodburning stoves.
The Original Frontier Stove by Anevay Stoves. Garden set-up