Can I fit the Frontier Plus door to the Frontier Stove?

We've been asked by a few customers recently if it's possible to buy a Frontier Plus door and fit it on their Frontier Stove. The short answer: it's not possible, as the two stoves' doors shape and size are different. Anevay Frontier woodburning stove Why don't we make them interchangeable? We designed the Frontier and Frontier Plus as two very different stoves: the Frontier is lightweight and utilitarian, the one you reach for for days that turn into evenings on the beach or cooking adventures in the woods. The Frontier Plus is kitted out with all the bells and whistles that make it perfect for bell tent camping, for longer adventures. The air valve on the Frontier Plus door allows the stove to stay lit for longer, and for better temperature control, and that goes hand in hand with the Plus' bigger flue and larger body, which allow for more fuel and a better draw. The Frontier is almost indestructible: we've seen amazing Frontiers that have withstood the hardiest of adventures, beaten up and weathered but still working perfectly. Adding a glass door to the Frontier would compromise it's hardiness - which is a feature of the Frontier we know our customers love. As for us? We keep our trusty Frontier by the front door ready for wild cooking adventures by the sea, and our Frontier Plus in the back of the van for longer trips. Anevay Frontier woodburning stove