Bonfire Night Kit List

Anevay Frontier Stove in autumn woodland

November 5th is one of the most popular nights of the year to spend time in the great outdoors. As well as spectacular firework displays some of the key ingredients for a great night include a roaring fire, tasty food and good friends. We, at Anevay Stoves, however have a few other essential items on our kit list to ensure that the evening goes with a bang.

Children eating toffee apples sat around Anevay Frontier wood burning stove

Wood Burning Stove

Traditionally, Bonfire Night is all about huge, piled up fires and whilst this approach can feel like a treat, they do pose a few issues. If you’re like us, no matter where you position yourself you’ll always be downwind with smoke in your eyes. They tend to get so big and so hot that they’re actually uncomfortable (and unsafe) to be close to. And of course they scorch the earth on which they stand. Our Frontier Stoves offer a brilliant solution. The flue ensures that smoke stays above your head and they’re raised off the ground, so they leave no trace. They’re brilliantly portable, which means they’re easy to carry and set up, whether you’re at home or further afield. And once lit, can be up to heat within about five minutes providing not just warmth to gather around but also somewhere to cook and toast marshmallows.

Finisterre accessories hanging infront of an Anevay woodburning stove

Hats, Coat & Scarves 

November 5th always seems to bring with it the first really cold night of the year, so wrapping up warm for an evening under the stars and fireworks is essential. If we’re pulling on our winter warmers we always reach for our trusty Finisterre layers. They make quality merino wool accessories and baselayers, which last forever and do a champion job at keeping the cold at bay. Plus we’re a sucker for their insulated jackets.  

Bell tent image from Cool Canvas Tent Company

Rain Cover

Depending on your Bonfire Night set-up this might not apply. But here at Anevay we like to make a real celebration of the evening and setting up camp is all part of the experience. Plus, if you live by the Cornish coast, like us, you’re never absolutely guaranteed a dry Autumn night. That’s why we like to pull out the tarpaulins, awnings and even the bell tent. Our friends over at Cool Canvas Tent Company sell a great range of all of these - plus they stock our Frontier Stove, which can be installed in a bell tent a treat.  

Atlantic Blankets photo of woman wrapped in blanket

Extra Layers

If you are setting up camp or just looking for another cosy layer, a good blanket always does the trick. They’re versatile, warm and useful whatever the season. Personally we love Atlantic Blankets, not just because they’re located a few miles away on the Cornish coast, but because they’re top quality - 100% wool, in beautiful colours and patterns and lots of different sizes. Try a king size and see if you can squeeze the whole family under it.  

Anevay Frontier Stove in autumn woodland

Nosh & Slosh

Our Frontier Stoves are great for keeping you warm wherever your adventures take you. But not just that. They’re also a brilliant alternative to a traditional camping stove or BBQ. You can remove the lid and cook in a variety of ways: soups, stews and fries in pots and pans, meat, fish and veg griddled directly over the flames. Our favourites for November 5th are marshmallows toasted on sticks and hot chocolate simmered with a dash of cream.

Have a great November 5th from all of us at Anevay Stoves - home of the original Frontier Stove.