Anevay Stories: Green Coffee Bean Bus

She's green and she's mean and she's a coffee-making machine! Well, sort of. Our Shepherd stove found its way to this spectacular small space in the US of A, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to find out a little bit about the Green Coffee Bean Bus's story...

Green bus conversion

Anevay: Tell us about the GreenCoffeeBeanBus - where did it come from, where has it been, and where is it go?

GCBB: Hi! Yes, its been from New Jersey to Florida & all the way to British Columbia! Just finished a cross country trip, was a lovely time!

Anevay: Amazing!! So...does the bus make coffee? And if so, is it good?

GCBB: Lots of coffee made in it for sure! But not a business, only for pleasure..espresso machine pumps out some tasty lattes tho.. :)

Stove installation in the Big Green Coffee Bus

Anevay: Tell us about the GCBB interior - did you do it all yourself? What was your inspiration?

GCBB: I did 95% myself, 5% with help! A few inspirations off Pinterest, but mostly just went with the flow & created as I built!

Anevay: That's incredible! And tell us how you came across Anevay Stoves? What first drew you to our stoves?

GCBB: Was searching the web for a round stove & came across the Frontier stove online, which led me to the Shepherd! :)

Anevay: We see you've placed the Shepherd stove on a barrel - that must be a first! Will you be doing the full installation yourself?

GCBB: Yes! I plan to, maybe some help from the brother-in-law!

Anevay: Do you have a base for the GCBB - tell us about this and what the bus's general movements tend to be from month to month?

GCBB: Currently based in North Carolina... I tend to follow the warmer weather, but with the Shepherd stove, I will be more inclined to spend chilly nights in the bus!

Anevay: What are the best and worst things about vanlife?

GCBB: Best: Emotional growth, detachment from heaps of possessions, & the freedom to go anywhere & still sleep in your own bed! Worst: honestly having trouble with this one, I'm truly enjoying all aspects!

Anevay: What are the future plans for the GCBB?

GCBB: Continue working & traveling with my job (PM-Industrial Company) & save as much money as possible for International travel!

Anevay: Can you offer any helpful advice for fellow vanlifers out there?

GCBB: Follow your each moment with a smile..

Thank you for sharing your stove story with us, Bryce! We've loved making your Shepherd and seeing it in all its glory in your perfect green bus. We wish you all the best on all your adventures!

Anevay Shepherd Stove bus installation

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