Heat Shield (Corner)

Heat Shield (Corner)

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Two sheets of 2mm thick brushed aluminium heat shield for corner installations.

An aluminium heat shield to fix to the wall behind your stove, protecting your wall material and reducing the distance needed between the stove and the wall.

A useful piece of kit for small spaces like sheds and vans: without a heat shield, the recommended distance to the combustible wall is higher, but with the heat shield this can be reduced - for specific distances to combustibles, please consult the technical details for each stove.


  • Essential for small spaces as the heat shield means you can have the stove much closer to your wall with no danger to the surface. 
  • There is a gap at the bottom of the shield which draws up the cool air between the wall and the shield. This creates a cushion and keeps the wall material cool and protected. 
  • The aluminium reflects the heat away from the wall and into the room which makes your stove much more efficient. 
  • Comes with 5 holes on each side of the shield to safely secure it to your wall. 
  • Secure both sides of the first shield to the wall. Second shield will slot into the corner space and can be secured on the opposite side. 
Dimensions of each sheet (Corner Shield consists of 2 sheets)
Height 100cm



Air Gap


Brushed Aluminium

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Customer Reviews

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Phil Randome
Corner insulation

The corner section, as noted by A.N.OTHER, is just two pieces of the single wall sheet. I wonder has it occured to anyone at Anevay that drilling a few holes along the edges of the returns would allow the two pieces of the corner insulation to be bolted together giving more integrity to the unit which I envisage could benefit more of the non standard fire/flue locations. I've drilled mine & before screwing the unit to the wall it stood independently.

Andrew Rickson
Nicely made but ...

Nicely finished and accurately made but it's not really a corner heatshield. It's two heatshields that are seperately mounted in a corner. The initially secured shield covers the screw holes on the second one, so you can only fix it on one side. Which is fine in a room, not so good in a van, where it will rattle.