Festive Frontier Plus Freebie

Festive Frontier Plus Freebee - buy the frontier plus stove and carry bag or fire mat and get £45 off.

For the whole of December you can save £45 on the price of a Frontier™ Plus Stove & Carry Bag/Fire Mat

The Frontier™ Plus is the 'big brother' to the original Frontier™ Stove & comes with a whole host of upgraded features. 

The Carry Bag is an essential bit of kit that we think is essential for packing the stove down & either transporting it elsewhere or just storing away somewhere safe.
The Fire Mat is the perfect solution when using the Frontier Plus under canvas, it's made out of fire retardant canvas & provides a visual hearth boundary around the stove.

To claim the discount just click the button below 👇 The items & offer will automatically be added to your bag. 



p.s. if you want both bag & fire mat, just add all 3 items to your bag - the discount will still apply.

Anevay is home to the original & unrivalled Frontier™ Stove. Manufactured out of cold rolled steel, with an extra sturdy 2.5mm top plate, once lit the stove is ready to cook in 3 minutes, the flue directs smoke above head height & the removable top plate makes it easy to grill, stew, simmer & sizzle directly on the flames. Stove legs keep the fire well away from the ground, meaning they 'leave no trace', the body radiates heat out rather than up, they're incredibly fuel efficient & compact enough to pack-up, pick-up & take just about anywhere.

The perfect companion, in fact, for alfresco celebrations, roasting chestnuts & cooking up a festive feast.